We are always looking for people who are willing to serve their community.


If you have ever thought about becoming a firefighter, or just want to try it out, go to the “Join” tab above and learn more about how to get started. Once you have read over everything, click on the “Contact Us” tab and fill out the form and the Fire Chief will receive an email and will contact you about to start the process. It is a very easy and takes only a few days and we can have you running calls!

Mailing Address:
301 E. Pleasant St
Roseboro, NC 28382

Phone: 910-525-5007

(For emergencies dial 911)

Mail: lee.coleman@hotmail.com

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Roseboro Fire Department is to maintain a sustainable fire department that provides excellent value and service to the citizens of the Town of Roseboro and Coharie Fire District.

About us
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344 Calls

The department relies on volunteers who are interested in serving the community.

History of the Roseboro Fire Department

The Roseboro Fire Department was formed on February 4, 1936. The Town of Roseboro funded this first department which was composed of the following members: W. L. West, Chief; Henry Crumpler, Assistant Chief; and members Houston Hayes, Freddie Poe, Arnold Herring, Cecil Hobbs, Bud Herring, Tommy Williams, Abb Harris, Ray Collins, James W. White, Eddie Cannady, Alton Horne, and James Patterson.
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2022 1st Quarter Call Volume by Type

January 1st through March 31st we ran a total of 102 calls which is on average, very high for our department. February, being a short month, was the highest call volume (40) we have had in one month in over a year. The pie graph below shows the breakdown of the types of calls we had during the first quarter. Some of the types of fires are self explanatory such as series 100-Fire. However, to help explain what some of these are, the following examples of what type of call falls into these different series.

Series 200 calls are Explosions/Ruptures, which we have not had any.
Series 300 are all motor vehicle accidents we respond to as well as any call we go to assist EMS with. We do not respond to “medical calls” unless specifically requested for lift assist or a cardiac arrest.
Series 500 are calls such as tree down in roadway, debris in roadway, child locked in car, etc.
Series 600 are calls that we are dispatched to that we get canceled before we get there.
Series 700 are false alarms which are usually smoke detectors going off by accident or malfunctioning.

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Calls21202520392334 182